What’s most important to you right now? 

My health, and taking care of this little baby girl that’s about to enter this world, my husband, and my dog. Making sure everyone is safe–I think that’s my #1 priority–and having a healthy, good delivery.

What was most important to you before you had to social distance? 

I think same sort of thinking–I wanted to be healthy regardless. This pregnancy is a long time coming, so in the very beginning I was very cautious. We’ve had a couple miscarriages, so being healthy and staying active–all of that was really important to build this family. Staying close to people and being in touch with people that knew my situation too, and having the best caretakers I could have. Now, all my focus is on my health and this baby more than anything.

What’s the first thing you’ll do when this is over? 

Give all the hugs! See my family. It’s so hard not being able to see them. We’ve been able to do multiple Zoom and online chats, but it’s not the same. My mom hasn’t even seen me [much] since I got pregnant. I think just connecting in real life with people again is most important. 

What are you doing to pass the time? 

I’ve managed to put together a nursery with my husband. I’ve done some crafty things–I took an old soup can and wrapped around a rope and made it a vase, gave myself fake tattoos–it’s fun! Cooking a lot. 

What makes you happy right now?

Connecting with family via Facetime and Zoom. I have a really safe and healthy environment. My husband and I are best friends. What makes me the happiest is being grateful for what I do have. 

What would you tell yourself two months ago with the knowledge you have today? 

Save all the money! We had all kinds of big plans to work and save as much as we could before the baby–those plans kind of changed. Take the time to enjoy life. Life is really short. It’s really sunk in this time. I was appreciative of life, but I think [I would have been] much more so if I knew this was coming. 

We’re really trying to be grateful for what we have. I often focus on what we don’t have. I have to really focus on the things that I do have. We have groceries, a roof over our heads, family that love and support us, even if it’s from afar. I have an excellent doctor. It’s hard sometimes because you’re stuck at home all the time. I’m allowing myself to feel the hard stuff too, but coming out of this I want to continue to be more grateful


Simone G-Los Angeles

DAY 29