What’s most important to you right now? 

Making sure that everyone I love is following the rules and staying safe and healthy.

What was most important to you before you had to social distance? 

I guess more normal things like making sure everything in my bank account was right, making sure I was working, and making sure career stuff was on track. I was in the middle of final callbacks for multiple projects and that was all-consuming in my life. 

What’s the first thing you’ll do when this is over? 

Hug everybody! I want to hug everyone I love and hold them as tightly as possible. 

What are you doing to pass the time? 

A lot of reading. I started writing. SO much trash TV. I’m a Bravo historian at this point. Ask me anything about any Real Housewives–I got you. I’m staying with my sister and her boyfriend and they have a beautiful kitchen, so I’m basically force-feeding them. 

What makes you happy right now?

FaceTimes with friends. Connecting with people that I feel like I had lost touch with a little bit here and there. It’s been really nice to reconnect. When it’s nice outside, I just want to sit in the yard and be in the sunshine. 

What would you tell yourself two months ago with the knowledge you have today? 

Get a good little meditation schedule going because your anxiety will be through the roof. I think a lot of the things I was prioritizing before weren’t what’s important in life. The people I love are important, their health is important, my health is important, safety is important. Not “I have a callback for a commercial and does my hair look ok?” That’s not important. 

I was on the phone with my manager and I was telling her I was feeling anxious career-wise. I was like “oh god, I feel like it’s gone now that our industry is at a standstill.” She goes, “you have a job for life. People will always need to be entertained.” That’s such a beautiful way to think of artistry and what we do. People are always going to need it, and I love that. 


Sherz A-Los Angeles

DAY 30