What’s most important to you right now? 

Number one, keeping tabs on my mom in the nursing home [and] making sure that I’m on top of that. Number two, I need a schedule. I need some sort of structure around my day, otherwise I feel lost. I have anxiety and depression so I can’t just sit and watch television all day long. I like having things to do. I try to have little projects to do, including exercise. That’s a big thing for us right now. Also eating correctly; left to my own devices, I just want to sit down with bags of stuff to eat my feelings–as does everyone I think. That doesn’t help, so I just try to keep to some sort of schedule and listen to my body. There’s days where I have no reason to be tired, but I’m exhausted–maybe this is emotional. Keeping in touch with people, too. 

What was most important to you before you had to social distance? 

I was doing errands as usual. Obviously stressing out about work and my job. Now I’m just trying to stay home, trying to not put other people at risk and just kind of stay here and not do very much outside my house. I was just more worried about material things, and I’m not as much now.

What’s the first thing you’ll do when this is over? 

The first thing I’ll do is see my mom for sure. I think the next thing is–I think about going to work and just hugging everybody and seeing my friends. That. That kind of like, “fuck, we got through it.” We may not be able to do another show at that theater again. We don’t know about the future. Seeing my cast and hugging them because that’s like my family on a daily basis. But definitely my mom’s #1, and my dad-my parents–but I worry about my mom because she’s in a fucking nursing home.

What are you doing to pass the time? 

I exercise every day. I clean more than I usually do–I’m more on top of that. I’m doing a lot of things like this; making time to do little projects people are doing. I don’t really want to sing right now on Instagram. I’m writing, doing a lot of research about things that I’ve wanted to do, watching things that I’ve wanted to watch (Tiger King), and actually making the effort to contact people and to say hello to people. Hanging out here–being with Vadim and Ellie. We don’t get a lot of downtime, so I’m trying to enjoy it. I redid my voiceover studio in here because I’m still technically working, so I’m learning how to use my equipment better. I just bought a camera, so I’m going to start using that and start shooting stuff and practicing, because it’s new. I have time. I workout with my trainer via Zoom. It’s good for me mentally to keep moving. Trying not to be sad and scared.

What makes you happy right now?

My coffee in the morning, taking long walks with my dog, and seeing my friends' faces on FaceTime. 

What would you tell yourself a month ago with the knowledge you have today?

Don’t take the little things for granted–and the people in your life. Yeah, that’s a big one, for sure. 


Leslie K - New Jersey

DAY 14