What’s most important to you right now? 

Trying to stay positive, because life is just so different. It’s really sad…everything’s blocked off, the beaches are closed, the parking lots are closed, people are all spread out. It’s just a different way of life. 

What was most important to you before you had to social distance? 

I was focused on everything. The positive end of it is you’re not rushing through life and going from thing to thing. I was stressed about whatever I’m going to do career-wise and it’s not my main priority right now. 

What’s the first thing you’ll do when this is over? 

See my parents. My dad is older and has an immunity issue, so I haven’t seen my parents at all…that’s sad. I miss the little interactions with people. I’m a big people person. You can’t really talk to people the same way. I like to hug people, I like to hand shake, I like to interact and feel close to people and I miss it. 

What are you doing to pass the time? 

I’ve been singing a lot, which I always do but it’s more time to just sing what I want to do and make my own music. There’s a lot of artistic freedom right now because there’s so much time on our hands. 

What makes you happy right now?

The people I am interacting with. I’m spending a lot of time with my brother. It’s really nice to have a bonding experience because we’re kind of in it together.

What would you tell yourself two months ago with the knowledge you have today? 

Enjoy the little things. 

Being on social media then versus now is crazy to me. Before it was so competitive and everyone was trying to show off and a lot of it is staged, whereas now, everything is so raw and real. People are unashamed to be home doing nothing…but the things that they are doing are so real and come from such a creative place. When everyone else has something to unite them, the real things they start to put out are so amazing. I’m so surprised going on social media and seeing everyone’s hidden talents and what they can do when they have the time to pursue things they really love. 


Jess C-Rhode Island

DAY 21